Top 5 Causes of Chromebook Performance Issues

by | May 25, 2023 | Application Performance, Digital Experience, Network Performance, Videos

Here’s why Chromebook performance relies on reliable Wi-Fi, WAN and internet performance between Chromebooks, SaaS, cloud, Google and enterprise applications



There are a variety of factors that can impact Chromebook performance, including hardware and Chromium OS issues, network connectivity, DNS, and zero trust network security.

The top five causes of Chromebook performance issues also include  Chrome browser performance,  hosting and server response time and low Chromebook resource availability,

Chromebooks are dependent on high quality network connectivity,  but Wi-Fi is not always to blame: proxies, networks, and service providers can add latency to enterprise and SaaS applications, making it difficult to pinpoint the source of the problem.

Learn why the end-to-end network path across Wi-Fi, internet, SD WAN, cloud, and zero trust networks is the most common of the top five causes of Chromebook performance issues experienced by enterprise employees, and the observability that can determine whether or not the network is to blame.

Video Transcript:

We’ll look at why that’s causing over 80% of the problems today in Chromebook user. So the top five causes of why Chromebook performance can suffer. It’s really quite a diverse chain of events that go all the way from the on-premise or the work from home type user all the way through to the software as a service, SaaS, applications, and cloud hosted applications that they’re using.

It starts really with the device itself. Are there a lot of plug-ins installed on the device? Are there any background processes? Is the browser performing? Is it up to spec? Does it have the latest Chrome updates? Going a little further, we already hit the network very quickly with wi-fi. It’s not just the wi-fi itself, the quality of that is essential, especially if you’re moving around or you’re a mobile employee, but also the quality of your internet service provider that’s sitting behind it and their ability to choose their right domain name server.

So basically the DNS. Making sure you’re resolved into the hosts that are closest to you and not redirecting you through the wrong location. If browser location services aren’t working properly after that, if you’re in an enterprise environment, there’s a very good chance that you’re using a zero trust network of some sort.

A VPN, CASB, or SaaSE solution that’s really ha handling the cloud gateway for security. Those run very well in a Chromebook, but the proxies that are used, the networks that they create can add an incredible amount of latency. Chromebook or not. This is one of the biggest problems we see with enterprise and SaaS applications.

And then after that, you might be tunneled through a software defined network or you’re using direct internet access and then you’re really in a public network environment. Are the service providers along the path performing? Are they routing or traffic in the way that it’s most optimal to your applications or not?

So a lot of complexity in this area and very hard to pinpoint if a Chromebook user calls you and. , I’m having a really big problem, like I have latency. Things are slow, non-responsive it usually has a hard time with that. If you’re an admin, it’s not always the wi-fi and the latency can come from a lot of different places, so we’ll show you live how you could actually solve that problem.

And then finally it’s not actually crazy that the application itself might not be performing properly. And we all know there’s days where Ms. Office 365 is down, or teams is unreachable and different reasons, regions on different devices through different ISPs. And it’s really a complex network out there.

And to pin that on the Chromebook as the source of the problem would be premature and lead you down. A troubleshooting path that really wouldn’t get you anywhere productively. So let’s take a look at Chromebook performance monitoring.


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