Solution Brief: Employee Digital Experience Monitoring

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Solution Briefs

Kadiska monitors the employee digital experience for any application, wherever users are located. Integrated analytics breaks down app response time across underlying infrastructure layers and locations—device, network setup (DNS, TLS), internet path, CDN, cloud, page load and API processing— and identifies the impact of redirections to SaaS and cloud locations.



Employee Digital Experience Monitoring

The Visibility Gap

The cloud has redefined how modern business apps are hosted, delivered and experienced. Secure, internet-centric connectivity, 3rd-party components and work-from-anywhere expectations introduce new visibility gaps.
Traditional performance monitoring tools were not designed for this new digital ecosystem, putting the digital experience at risk.

The Essentials

  • Comprehensive insight into SaaS and modern web-app performance.
  • Application, connectivity and device performance visibility integrated
  • Path tracking and per-hop / AS / provider performance across SD WAN, cloud, private and hybrid networks.
  • Guided analytics to drill through the relationships between user- impacting events and the underlying infrastructure.
  • Transparent insight into the performance impact of secure gateways (SASE, SGW, CASB,) that govern connectivity.

The Solution

Kadiska delivers 360° visibility into the employee digital experience from anywhere to any app. Our self-driving monitoring platform means your team stays focused on fixing issues, not maintaining ‘one more tool’.

  • 100% apps, transactions, networks and user coverage.
  • Frictionless, agent-free deployment within minutes.
  • Cost-efficient from regional to global coverage.

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