Enterprise IT solutions to monitor and optimize digital enterprise performance: SD WAN, internet, cloud and hybrid networks, SaaS, web apps and work from home.

Global enterprise IT infrastructure application and network performance monitoring solutions

How Enterprise Digital Transformation Redefined Business Performance

Enterprise digital transformation has redefined enterprise IT infrastructure with cloud, SD WAN, SaaS, PaaS adoption, and their integration with private networks, data centers and applications. Increased work from home and mobile workforces, outsourcing and freelance employees have increased the variety of connected devices and regions, accelerating zero-trust network security with SASE/CASB solutions.

Dynamic Digital Enterprise Infrastructure

Enterprise digital transformation strategy increased the pace of change with DevOps teams and CI/CD application deployment, while a record breaking number of acquisitions continues to add more complexity, change and migration projects to enterprise IT services organizations, at a time when enterprise IT infrastructure is increasingly built on “as-a-service” application platforms, public clouds and networks.

Enterprise Digital Platform Performance Challenges

Business performance, employee productivity and customer experience all depend on enterprise digital platform performance, which hinges on enterprise IT organizations’ ability to monitor, manage and optimize it.

Traditional network performance monitoring (NPM), application performance monitoring (APM), real user and digital experience monitoring (RUM, DEM) solutions were not designed for today’s dynamic digital infrastructure, leaving IT services teams blind to most business-impacting degradations stemming from SaaS and hybrid applications, the cloud, and the networks that connect them.

Top Enterprise IT Performance Challenges

  • Large-scale SD WAN, cloud and SaaS migration projects
  • Connectivity across highly distributed sites, users, systems, clouds and applications
  • Acquisition IT migration, integration and rationalization
  • Mobile workforce performance monitoring and management
  • Customer, partner and employee digital experience from home or office:
    • Contact center, web conferencing and collaboration user experience (Genesys, Teams, Zoom, Meet, Webex, …)
    • Cloud CRM, customer service and MRP system performance (Salesforce, SAP HANA, ServiceNow, …)
    • Composable, hybrid and SaaS application performance

Enterprise Digital Performance Use Cases

Enterprises executing digital transformation strategies encounter six common use cases that demand real user experience, network and application performance monitoring capabilities covering modern cloud, SaaS and internet-powered infrastructure:

“Kadiska provided clear visibility into digital experience and network performance throughout our SD WAN migration. It was essential to delivering important cost and performance benefits to the business.”

Christophe Veillat
Director, IT Operations, Eramet

Monitoring Solution for the Digitally-Enabled Enterprise

Enterprise IT solutions to monitor and optimize digital experience, application and network performance must provide end-to-end, all-layer visibility into the modern digital enterprise IT infrastructure.

Kadiska integrates visibility into cloud-powered SaaS and web applications, hybrid applications, private and public cloud connectivity and responsiveness, employee and customer user experience so network and IT operations teams can proactively optimize performance and rapidly resolve degradations impacting business productivity.

Monitoring Visibility for Modern Enterprise IT Infrastructure

  1. Network route tracing and performance monitoring for internet, SD WAN, cloud and hybrid networks impacted by autonomous systems and BGP routing.
  2. Employee digital experience monitoring (DEM) for employees accessing SaaS, web and hybrid applications from BYOD, mobile and enterprise devices.
  3. Customer real user experience monitoring (RUM) for apps used by suppliers, distributors and customers.
  4. Integrated analytics for rapid alerting of degradations and scope of impact, root cause analysis, fault mitigation and proactive performance optimization.

Digital Experience Platform for Digital Enterprises

Kadiska’s digital experience platform was designed to provide 360° visibility into the business-critical applications and networks that deliver a competitive performance edge, employee productivity and customer experience. Deployed in minutes, and easily scaled from regional to global footprints, Kadiska’s self-driving SaaS platform grants IT superpowers without management and maintenance overhead.

Benefits to Enterprises and Digital Transformation Leaders

  1. Accelerate SD WAN, cloud and SaaS migration projects without risk and cost overruns.
  2. Maintain exceptional, cost-effective connectivity between all sites and users to SaaS, PaaS, hybrid clouds and applications.
  3. Effectively integrate and migrate acquired IT infrastructure without business disruption.
  4. Improved mobile workforce productivity and enterprise mobility management performance.
  5. Provide industry-leading digital experience for business systems and applications accessed by customers, employees, distribution and supply chain partners.
  6. Ensure web conferencing, communication and CCaaS meet user expectations across all on premises and work from home locations.


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