Digital Experience Monitoring

Learn how Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) helps optimize user experience, application, and network performance for cloud and internet-enabled enterprises

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) is an advanced digital performance monitoring technology that enables organizations to monitor digital experiences from a user’s perspective, as well as from the underlying technology and infrastructure. It enables organizations to proactively manage digital experiences, and is essential to optimize the performance of digital systems and applications. Enterprises rely heavily on digital services, applications, and systems to successfully run their businesses.

Gartner predicts that within three years, at least 60% of IT leaders will use Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) for user-centric performance tracking of web applications, cloud services, and endpoints. Without Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), unseen digital performance gaps can harm business and frustrate users. DEM helps IT teams preemptively spot and fix issues like slow page load times, browser unresponsiveness, Zscaler/SASE security, internet and Wi-Fi connectivity, and SaaS response times.

Digital Experience Monitoring in Minutes

Kadiska’s Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) technology is a powerful tool offering complete visibility into real user experience, network performance, and application performance enabling enterprise IT professionals to proactively uncover, pinpoint, and fix digital experience, network, and application performance issues to deliver a seamless digital experience, robust network performance, and optimized application delivery.

Kadiska’s digital experience platform offers transparency across internet-based SD-WAN, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and SASE/CASB-secured networks—essential in today’s work-from-anywhere environment as they forms the critical link between remote users and cloud-native and SaaS apps deployed across distributed, dynamic cloud platforms. Consult these resources to learn all about digital experience monitoring for modern web and sas applications, cloud connectivity and end user device performance including PCs, Chromebooks, Android phones and tablets.

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