Maximum SD WAN Performance for Eramet, Global Mining Leader

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Kadiska provided total visibility to ensure flawless migration to SD WAN and zScaler / CASB security across global sites, Azure cloud and SaaS applications to Eramet, global mining leader



Eramet is a global leader in natural resources mining and high-value transformation, with over 13,000 employees across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America. The Eramet Group is a global mining leader has over 8,000 IT users accessing SaaS, private and cloud-hosted applications from 47 sites connected by a CASB-secured SD WAN.

Eramet is transforming their applications, IT systems and platforms:

  • Transitioning key business applications to SaaS platforms
  • Progressively shifting apps from Equinix data centers to Azure
  • Optimizing performance of systems (like SAP) that will continue to be hosted in private clouds (internal and IaaS)

In parallel, WAN, cloud and SaaS connectivity was optimized to improve cost, performance and security:

  • Deployed CASB (zScaler) to secure distributed sites and work from home employees
  • Migrated MPLS to SD WAN for faster, local connections to SaaS and Azure

Kadiska Deployed Net Tracer Network Performance Monitoring and User Watcher Digital Experience Monitoring to Help Eramet Optimize SaaS Application and Cloud Performance

SD WAN Migration Risk and CASB Issues

Eramet employees using zScaler to access apps hosted in Azure were experiencing significant, recurring performance degradations that impacted productivity and business agility. An inability to effectively diagnose and resolve these issues confirmed they had insufficient visibility into and across their digital infrastructure.

The IT team also identified a strong risk that SD WAN migration would impact business processes and performance if they were unable to benchmark and maintain network performance to all sites, users, clouds and applications. Configuration of their SD WAN required in-depth insight to ensure its performance exceeded the MPLS network it was replacing.

Kadiska Customer Eramet Mining a Global Manufacturer with SD WAN Performance Monitoring and DEM



Eramet brought in Kadiska to address key IT-enabled business goals:

  • Secure digital experience and application performance for all users during migration from MPLS to SD WAN.
  • Achieve complete visibility into CASB and SD WAN network performance to accelerate MTTR.

Eramaet Monitors Cloud and SD WAN Network Performance With Kadiska Applicaiton Performance Monitoring and Network Performance Monitoring Solutions


Kadiska Solution

Kadiska was selected by Eramet for multiple reasons:

  • Unique, agent-free real user monitoring deployment model
  • Integrated digital experience, network path and performance monitoring
  • Flexible (floating) licensing model optimized for SD WAN migration

Kadiska deployed a combination of digital experience monitoring and network performance monitoring components:

  • User-Watcher collected digital experience metrics for all key apps
  • Virtualized test stations monitored network route performance to zScaler, Azure zones, data centers, IaaS and SaaS applications.

Real-time digital experience and network performance metrics were monitored carefully before, during and after migration. By observing performance from connectivity and user experience perspectives Eramet rapidly resolved degradations and optimize SD WAN performance.


Kadiska’s partner Lutessa worked alongside Eramet’s team, providing detailed reporting before and after each site migration to ensure:

  • Uninterrupted site connectivity and business continuity
  • No delays or cost overruns caused by unresolved performance degradations
  • Fastest possible retirement of costly MPLS links
  • A successful migration was confirmed

The Eramet team optimized SD WAN performance by identifying and prioritizing better-performing underlays to each destination.

Kadiska Helped Eramet Optimize SD WAN Performance with Network Monitoring Visibility into SD WAN Overlay and Underlays


Kadiska provided clear visibility into digital experience and network performance throughout our SD WAN migration. It was essential to delivering important cost and performance benefits to the business.


Christophe Veillat, Director of IT Operations, Eramet

Kadiska provided clear visibility into digital experience and network performance throughout our SD WAN migration to Eramet



  • Risk-free migration on time, in budget
  • No business disruption during migration
  • Optimized SD WAN performance to every site

Learn more about how Kadiska helps Eramet gain complete visibility into their SD WAN network and zScaler security platform performance to deliver amazing SaaS digital experience to their employees and partners.

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