Chromebook Performance in Enterprise Environments

by | May 25, 2023 | Application Performance, Digital Experience, Network Performance, Videos

Chromebooks are widely used by enterprises, but their advantages of low cost and ease of use come with limitations that result in frequent performance issues



Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular in enterprises, with 30 million deployed in the last year alone. Chromebooks are popular in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics enterprises because they are simple to use, secure, affordable, and easy to manage remotely.

However, Chromebook performance in enterprise environments is frequently impacted by their limited RAM, CPU, and reliance on network access.

Watch this short video for an overview of Chromebook enterprise deployment growth trends, as well as the benefits and challenges facing Chromebook endpoint device and performance management.

Video Transcript:

We know now that Chromebooks are really not just for kids anymore.

They’re starting to be adopted by enterprise much more than most people will think. And actually the latest statistics show that. Retail is the leading a application for Chromebooks after education. Then healthcare, we a lot of people with remote contact center agents logging in through Chromebooks, financial services or retail banking, a lot of devices in use and also manufacturing environments where the Chromebooks are used on a manufacturing floor in the warehouses, in logistics.

And it’s incredible growth that we’re seeing, especially in the past couple years. A big adoption of 30 million in last year alone. Massive growth rate, more than doubling the year before in these different sectors. And there’s a couple of really good reasons why Chromebooks are starting to hit mainstream at this level.

They’re extremely simple, but not just simple to use, simple to onboard people and to train them on it. So you can bring people up to speed in a way , I don’t have an education cycle of teaching someone how to use operating systems and applications because it just runs natively through a web browser.

It’s extremely secure just because of the way the operating system was built from the bottom up. Of course, they’re affordable and very easy to manage remotely. So anyone here on the call. Who’s an admin on Chromebooks knows very well a lot of remote management tools, and we’ll take a look at a few of those in just a few minutes.

However, of course, the affordable and the simple side of a Chromebook also comes with a few limitations, right? And some of those cause performance issues. So the fact is that Chromebooks have usually a very limited amount of ram, and for anyone who likes to use a lot of open tabs, that can be a problem.

The CPU isn’t at the level you would always see in a regular laptop, PC or a Mac. And of course, a Chromebook is really just a piece of silicon if it doesn’t have network access. And there’s not a lot of applications that are used on Chromebooks that are not highly dependent on the latency and accessibility of a high quality network.


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