Digital experience, network and application performance monitoring for global manufacturers’ SaaS and web applications, hybrid, cloud and SD WAN networks.

Application and Network Performance Monitoring for the Manufacturing Industry

Digital Performance for Manufacturing Companies

The manufacturing sector is increasingly distributed and interconnected in real-time. Global manufacturing organizations’ productivity and business continuity depends on their digital platforms’ network performance, application performance and employee digital experience. Operating digital manufacturing infrastructure at peak performance is essential to maximizing revenue and the bottom line.

The manufacturing industry depends on the flawless performance of hundreds of interconnected SaaS, hybrid, mobile and web applications, and third-party systems. MPLS, cloud, internet, SD WAN and hybrid networks are vital links that immediately impact manufacturers’ logistics, MRP, CRM and industrial systems if performance degrades.

Manufacturing IT Operations Challenges

The IT complexity introduced by cloud migration, real-time systems, acquisitions, large scale digital transformation projects and work from home employees creates a dizzying array of contexts and combinations for manufacturing companies’ IT organizations to monitor and manage.

Application performance management requires visibility across hybrid cloud, SaaS applications, PaaS platforms and distributed manufacturing sites–and how they interconnect. The need for greater bandwidth and resilience, lower network latency and cost are accelerating SD WAN migration. This introduces new dependencies between internet connectivity and industrial manufacturing performance.

Top Manufacturing Industry Digital Performance Challenges

  • SaaS migration, integration and digital experience
  • Work from home and hybrid worker productivity
  • Connectivity between global sites and suppliers
  • Hybrid apps essential to employees, suppliers and distributors
  • Hybrid and poly-cloud connectivity
  • SD WAN migration, cost and performance management
  • Acquisition IT integration: cloud, application, data and network migration
  • Distributed service edge security (SASE/CASB)

Manufacturing Industry Digital Performance Use Cases

Manufacturing sector IT operations and network operations teams need to address seven key performance use cases driven by SaaS adoption, SD WAN migration, cloud connectivity and work from home:

  • SaaS Application Performance: ensure business-critical apps offer a low latency, reliable digital experience across all locations and devices.
  • SaaS Migration: adopt and integrate cloud-hosted applications while ensuring business continuity and performance.
  • Enterprise Mobility Management: ensure mobile devices, apps and Wi-Fi perform flawlessly
  • SD WAN Migration: rapidly replace private connectivity without sacrificing performance between users, sites, clouds, data centers and applications.
  • SD WAN Performance: optimize network underlay provider cost and performance, SD WAN routing and latency in the context of application performance.
  • Hybrid Working Performance: ensure work from home and onsite employees are equally productive with a competitive digital experience.
  • Hybrid Network Monitoring: maintain visibility and performance of a complex connectivity matrix combining internet, SD WAN, cloud and private networks.

“Kadiska provided clear visibility into digital experience and network performance throughout our SD WAN migration. It was essential to delivering important cost and performance benefits to the business.”

Christophe Veillat
Director, IT Operations, Eramet

Monitoring Solution for Industrial Manufacturers

The modern, cloud-centric and highly distributed digital infrastructure used by the manufacturing sector requires a monitoring solution that puts network and application performance in context of onsite and remote workers’ digital experience. Traditional NPM, APM and RUM solutions fail to provide full monitoring coverage across SaaS, PaaS, cloud and web applications and hybrid connectivity. This leaves IT and network operations teams with a visibility gap that prevents effective, proactive and responsive performance optimization.

Kadiska is designed to overcome these shortcomings by providing 360° visibility across global manufacturing sites, systems, applications, partners and users. We provide the intelligent insight industrial manufacturers rely on to optimize the performance of their digital infrastructure.

Monitoring Visibility for Manufacturing IT Infrastructure

  1. Full network path performance for SD WAN, MPLS, internet, cloud and hybrid networks.
  2. Real user experience monitoring (RUM) for employees accessing SaaS, web and hybrid applications.
  3. Employee digital experience monitoring (DEM) for mobile devices, apps and WiFi in plants, offices and distribution centers.
  4. Customer digital experience monitoring (DEM) for apps used by suppliers, distributors and customers.
  5. Integrated analytics for rapid fault detection, diagnosis, optimization and resolution across network, application, cloud infrastructure and user experience.

Digital Experience Platform for the Manufacturing Industry

The Kadiska digital experience platform is used by leading manufacturers in aerospace, natural resources, industrial equipment, hardware, consumer goods, food manufacturing and energy sectors. With zero-touch deployment, self-driving maintenance and the ability to easily scale monitoring from regional to global coverage, Kadiska simply delivers value to our manufacturing sector customers.

Benefits to Manufacturing IT Operations

  1. Increased business performance and productivity across all sites and work from home employees.
  2. Improved supplier and distributor performance with always-on applications and reliable system integration.
  3. Improved productivity for employees using mobile devices and apps in production environments.
  4. Rapid resolution of business-impacting performance issues across regions, locations, applications, networks and third-party providers.
  5. Accelerated SD WAN, SaaS and cloud adoption, cost and performance optimization.
  6. Enhanced visibility for acquisition integration and IT migration projects.
Kadiska is now part of Netskope
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