Kadiska’s Digital Experience, Network and Application Performance Glossary

Find the meaning of IT, web, cloud, network and application performance monitoring acronyms and abbreviations and read expert articles that explain them

Digital Experience Network and Application Performance Glossary
Acronym Name Kadiska.com Link Category
SPA Single Page Application App
CSP Communication Service Provider Service Providers
SRE Site Reliability Engineer IT OpS / DevOps
RUM Real User Monitoring Monitoring Methods
PWA Progressive Web Application App
GCP Google Cloud Platform Infra / Cloud
SLO Service Level Objective Infra / Cloud
CASB Cloud Access Security Broker Security
GRE Generic Routing Encapsulation Networking
TTFB Time To First Byte Web Metric
MPC Managed Private Cloud Infra / Cloud
IaaS Infrastructure as a Service Infra / Cloud
CDN Content Delivery Network Networking
SaaS Software as a Service App
PaaS Platform as a Service Infra / Cloud
DNS Domain Name System Networking
BGP Border Gateway Protocol Networking
APM Application Performance Monitoring Monitoring Methods
NPMD Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics Monitoring Methods
IoT Internet of Things IT OpS / DevOps
MTTR Mean Time To Repair IT OpS / DevOps
CI/CD Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery IT OpS / DevOps
EUEM End User Experience Monitoring Monitoring Methods
DEM Digital Experience Monitoring Monitoring Methods
FCP First Contentful Paint Web Metric
LCP Largest Contentful Paint Web Metric
PLT Page Load Time Web Metric
CLS Cumulative Layout Shift Web Metric
iBGP interior BGP Networking
FOIT Flash Of Invisible Text Web Metric
CT Connection Time Network Metric
TWAMP Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol Monitoring Methods
eBGP external BGP Networking
CSS Cascading Style Sheets Web Technology
DDoS Distributed Denial of Service Security
OWAMP One-Way Active Measurement Protocol Monitoring Methods
RTT Route Trip Time Network Metric
FSM Finite State Machine General Technology Terms
UEBA User and Entity Behavior Analysis Security
AS Autonomous System Networking
IGP Interior Gateway Protocol Networking
HOL Head Of Line Web Metric
TAO Time-Allow-Origin Web Metric
FID First Input Delay Web Metric
SEO Search Engine Optimization Web Technology
HOLB Head Of Line Blocking Web Metric
ISN Initial Sequence Number Web Metric
ISPs Internet Service Providers Service Providers
AAC Adaptive Access Control Security
PoPs Point of Presence Networking
SSO Single Sign On Security
CORS Cross-Origin Resource Sharing App
TTL Time To Live Networking
UI User Interface App
FOUT Flash Of Unstyled Text Web Metric
QUIC Quick UDP Internet Connection Networking
DEX Digital Employee eXperience Monitoring Methods
SWG Secure Web Gateway Security
SD WAN Software Defined WAN Networking
CRP Critical Rendering Path Web Metric
SASE Secure Access Service Edge Security
CSP Cloud Service Provider Service Providers
AIOps Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations IT OpS / DevOps
ITOM IT Operations Management IT OpS / DevOps
ITIM IT Infrastructure Monitoring Monitoring Methods
SSE Secure Service Edge Security
ZTNA Zero Trust Network Access Security
DLP Data Loss Prevention Security
ATP Advanced Threat Prevention Security
SSPM SaaS Security Posture Management (CASB) Security
CSPM Cloud Security Posture Management (CASB) Security
CIEM Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CASB) Security
SIEM Security Information and Event Management Security
IAM Identity and Access Management Security
DTX Digital transformation IT OpS / DevOps
WAN Wide Area Networking Networking
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