Optimizing Retail Digital Transformation at Leroy Merlin

Kadiska monitoring helps Leroy Merlin reduce problem resolution time from weeks to hours, and optimize SaaS retail apps, GCP cloud and SD WAN performance

“Kadiska has been instrumental in enhancing our monitoring capabilities and initiating concrete actions to improve network connectivity performance to our sites.”

Aurélien Dubois
IT Manager

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Essential IT infrastructure

  • SD-WAN & SaaS


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250 stores in 15 countries:

  • Europe, Brazil , South Africa
  • 30,000 employees

An Adeo group company

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Leroy Merlin transformed their retail operations to launch a multi-channel sales model, increase in-store services and to optimize customer experience, employee productivity and store efficiency.

A New Essential: Store to SaaS and Cloud Connectivity

The network performance between stores, digital retail applications and cloud-hosted business systems has a direct impact on the usability of self-service checkouts and employees’ ability to stock shelves and serve customers. It also impacts in-store adverting, supply chain efficiency and each store’s ability to reach their monthly sales objectives.

To assure success, Leroy Merlin ‘s IT organization decided to adopt an analytics-driven reliability engineering approach to proactively optimize the performance of business applications and SD WAN connectivity.

However, they discovered that existing monitoring solutions were unable to detect and diagnose network performance issues between stores, clouds, data centers, SaaS apps and third-party services.

Digitally-Transformed Retail Infrastructure

In this context, many in-store services were digitized and shifted to the cloud

The Digitized Retailer
Services delivered from SaaS and cloud platforms are integrated with private data centers and third-party services.


Leroy Merlin needed a new level of monitoring to eliminate visibility gaps induced by SD-WAN, 3rd party services and SaaS/cloud applications to:

  • Optimize store connectivity to clouds and SaaS services
  • Reduce incident impact and resolution time
  • Effectively collaborate with vendors and service providers
Kadiska Solution for Adeo


Net-Tracer stations installed in cloud locations monitor store connectivity performance SD WAN and hybrid networks.



User-watcher monitors SaaS applications from browsers running in physical and virtual desktops.


Leroy Merlin was able to reduce the impact and resolution time of network issues while improving the performance of SaaS applications.

  • Instant detection of network degradations from stores to Google cloud and SaaS applications
  • Reduced SD-WAN degradation resolution times from weeks to hours
  • 360° visibility into SaaS app performance and more effective vendor management
  • Optimized digital experience for customers and employees
  • Rapid root cause diagnosis of performance issues in SD WAN underlays and domains managed by other teams
  • Production of SLO dashboards for store management


    • Improved business performance
    • Enhanced employee productivity
    • Resolution times reduced from weeks to hours

    Kadiska Solution

    Kadiska uniquely monitors SD-WAN connectivity and SaaS application performance across digitally transformed retail infrastructure.

    Kadiska in Action