Solution Brief: Customer Digital Experience Monitoring

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Solution Briefs

Nothing matters more than the quality of your customers’ digital engagement. The Kadiska platform was designed to help you deliver an amazing digital experience. It proactively monitors application-to- user to uncover dependencies that drive degradations – DNS, network path, latency, loss, TLS, CDN, 3rd-party content, content loading, script execution, caching and compression performance.



Kadiska’s secure, server-side script tracks the quality of each customer’s visit on a regional or global scale. Test stations continuously monitor correlated connectivity performance.

The Visibility Gap

Traditional APM solutions struggle to monitor the customer experience using modern web and SaaS applications that rely on a complex digital ecosystem of cloud infrastructure, CDNs, and 3rd party services. Application performance also depends on connectivity between hosts and customer locations.

The Essentials

  • 360° visibility across distributed apps—PaaS, 3rd-party and CDNs, user connectivity and devices.
  • Measure loading, interactivity and processing times, and errors impacting users.
  • Understand customer usage patterns – where, what, volume and transactions.
  • Understand DNS redirections to all hostnames in your platform and how the user-to-app network path affects the user experience.

The Solution

Kadiska delivers 100% visibility into the customer digital experience of modern applications. It reveals the network paths from users to application services, correlated with geographic and historical page load, interactivity and transaction metrics.

  • Map out customer digital experience from hundreds of test stations spanning the globe.
  • Simplifies app performance optimization and problem resolution with guided, multi-layer drill down.

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