Kadiska and Ekinops Offer Performance Monitoring from Edge to Cloud, Web, and SaaS Applications

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Kadiska and Ekinops' unique SD WAN and hybrid connectivity performance monitoring allows enterprises to quickly detect, diagnose, and optimise network performance



The partnership between Kadiska and Ekinops, a leading network access and virtualization specialist, allows enterprises to instantly monitor the complex networks connecting their sites, clouds and business-critical web and SaaS applications. This visibility is critical for businesses that rely on SaaS and cloud applications accessed via hybrid, cloud, and SD WAN networks: two-thirds of IT organisations say that current monitoring tools are unable to identify and resolve problems across these dynamic, internet-based networks. As a result, application performance suffers, impacting user digital experience and employee productivity.*

Kadiska offers a unique approach to SD WAN and hybrid connectivity performance monitoring that allows managed service providers (MSPs) and enterprises to quickly detect, diagnose, and optimise network performance to SaaS applications and cloud locations. This in-depth monitoring capability is enabled by Kadiska’s Net-Tracer app, a containerized agent that continuously maps and monitors all network routes and reports connectivity issues, their origin, and their impact.

Ekinops’ Nuvla.io orchestrator can deploy Net-Tracer on edge nodes, clouds, white boxes, and SD-WAN devices, including any uCPE powered by Ekinops’ popular OneOS6 middleware. Users connect to the Kadiska platform to gain access to analytics that correlate network, infrastructure, and application performance with user digital experience.

The 5G-Enabled Edge

Kadiska and Ekinops demonstrated a fully monitored, 5G-enabled, managed edge-compute and connectivity solution at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The diagram below shows how the different components come together.

By monitoring the digital experience and the entire path between users, apps, and clouds, Kadiska’s solution puts SD WAN performance in context, allowing optimization and troubleshooting efforts to be focused on the appropriate layer and location.

Kadiska’s Net-Tracer app and Ekinops zero-touch, container-based orchestration capabilities provide a convenient solution to Ekinops customers’ need for in-depth network performance monitoring.

Cloud-native implementation makes it easy to deploy across managed clouds and devices, allowing enterprises to gain control over their digital platform and maximize users’ digital experience.

Visit Nuvla Marketplace here to download and deploy Kadiska’s Net-Tracer Application, or contact the Kadiska team for a live demo.

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