Network Performance Monitoring from Enterprise Edge to Cloud, Web and Saas Applications with SixSq and Kadiska

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The Kadiska Net-Tracer app tracks network path and provider performance across public internet, cloud, SD WAN and private networks. It performs in-depth internet/BGP routing analysis to track, identify and diagnose performance degradations along the end-to-end network path.

Scott Sumner

Scott Sumner


Kadiska-SixSq Partners for Total Edge to Cloud Performance Visibility

Monitoring for Complex, Business-Critical Networks

Two-thirds of enterprises use SD WAN, hybrid and cloud networks to connect their sites and users to clouds, web and SaaS applications, where network connectivity accounts for up to 90% of the latency that impacts user experience and employee productivity. Enterprise IT departments say that network performance visibility has decreased over the last two years, with 64% reporting that existing network monitoring tools are incapable of detecting and diagnosing issues across internet-based networks.*

The Kadiska platform was designed to overcome this visibility gap. The Net-Tracer app monitors the connectivity of multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure to reveal underlying issues in the complex networks that carry your business. It performs in-depth internet / BGP routing analysis to track, identify and diagnose performance degradations along the end-to-end network path.

Net-Tracer delivers complete insight into the impact of underlay performance on SD-WAN connectivity and delays introduced by security brokers (SGW / CASB), suboptimal DNS resolution and TLS session setup. It tracks performance of SD WAN overlays and underlays, ISPs, service providers, CDNs and cloud networks to all application hostnames to identify network issues impacting applications and user experience.

SixSq Integration

The Net-Tracer app is a containerized agent (test Station) that can be deployed on edge nodes, whiteboxes, uCPEs and SD WAN appliances, or spun up in private and public clouds. Net-Tracer continuously maps and monitors all network routes to SaaS and web-application hosts, data centers, clouds and other enterprise locations.

The Net-Tracer app is available from SixSq’s Nuvla marketplace, where it can easily be deployed to managed edge devices to provide instant visibility into complex networks and underlying performance bottlenecks. This integration makes it simple to deploy Net-Tracer at edge locations managed by Nuvla, including Ekinops’ popular uCPE appliances.

Once deployed, connect to the Kadiska platform to access automated analytics that correlate network, infrastructure and application performance with users’ digital experience. Alerts provide immediate notification of any network-related performance issues

SixSQ Use Case Diagram Kadiska SixSQ Partnership

Actionable Insight

The Kadiska platform provides in-depth path monitoring to track connectivity issues originating from DNS resolution, CASB proxy predictions, underperformance CDNs or TLS session setup delays. Correlate path and performance over time to optimize network latency and hold providers accountable.

  • Dynamic full-path visibility across public and complex networks.
  • Insight into SD WAN underlay and overlay network performance.
  • End-to-end and per-hop latency and loss metrics.
  • Current and historic path performance by region or site.
  • BGP / AS route monitoring.

Use Net-Tracer to improve business performance and employee productivity, increase IT and network operations’ efficiency, and maximize your network infrastructure:

  • Instantly detect network routing and performance issues impacting user experience
  • Pinpoint fault origin: isolate routes with high latency, loss, path length, instability or inefficient redirects
  • Rapidly resolve network and application performance issues with AI-guided analytics.
  • Proactively optimize network and application performance, and digital experience across all sites

Simple and Self-Driving

Surprisingly easy to deploy and maintain, the Kadiska platform cost-efficiently scales from regional to global deployments. Our SaaS platform automatically adapts to changing conditions so you can benefit from a new level of visibility without having to maintain “yet another tool”.
Our integration with SixSq provides zero-touch deployment and Net-Tracer station management so you can easily achieve complete coverage across all sites, clouds and applications. Open APIs allow streaming insights to integrate with and complement existing systems.
Enterprises can directly establish best-in-class network monitoring capabilities, or can work with service providers or partners to access Kadiska’s visibility as a service.

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* References: Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) 2020, * NTT Global Services report and Versa 2021

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