Why is Digital Monitoring Required?

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Application Performance, Digital Experience, Network Performance, Videos

DEM is required to overcome the visibility gap introduced by SaaS applications and cloud adoption, making NPM and APM performance monitoring obsolete




How Things Have Changed

Only a few years ago, businesses had complete control over their IT resources and near-complete visibility into user performance. Finding the root cause of performance degradations was quite easy. Then it was possible to keep track of how long an application took to respond and how many errors were happening at any given time. With the rise of digital transformations, organizations embraced cloud technologies at record speed.

Visibility into user performance progressively dropped as SaaS applications came into use. Internal applications moved to public clouds and new network solutions like SD WAN and cloud secured gateways offered an infrastructure adapted to this new landscape. Remote work and work from home became the new norm.

Dynamic paths have become common as software defined networking technologies have emerged today. There is very little control over cloud environments. As traffic encryption has become generalized, understanding the traffic matrix has become more challenging than ever. The accumulation of visibility challenges has made NPM and APM performance monitoring obsolete.

DEM Fills in the Visibility Gaps

With such limited visibility, help desks are left unequipped to assist users when performance degradations occur. To address these performance monitoring challenges, Kadiska is offering an innovative approach to close the visibility gap left by cloud migrations, by combining real user performance analytics and deep technical testing of all infrastructure layers.

Kadiska’s new technology provides 360 degree visibility into user performance. Kadiska is leveraging AI to instantly deploy, automatically configure, and deliver self-driving monitoring. Smart alerting is activated and guided troubleshooting and insights are provided for optimization of the user experience.

Performance analysis results can be compared with peers, providing extra intelligence on potential improvements for operations. Kadiska helps deliver optimized experiences to customers using your. It can manage multi-cloud and hybrid connectivity worldwide while enhancing user performance of your employees working from home or on the site.



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