The Remote Worker Challenge

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Application Performance, Digital Experience, Videos

Internet, VPN, CASB security, SD WAN and DNS/TLS performance all impact work from home digital experience and employee productivity.

Scott Sumner

Scott Sumner



There are all several kinds of challenges when it comes to allowing people to work from a remote places, work from home work from their travel places, hotels, et cetera. The first thing is that the connectivity between the users and the app is radically different.

When you think about it, whether you have an old fashioned way to secure your connectivity to your data center or your SaaS platforms, or whether you use, modern zero trust network type or CASBs, or secure web gateways. The first thing is you go through public networks.

Your users are basically connected to the internet through an ISP — that ISP gives them a certain route to connect to, either the CASB or your VPN gateway to reach either your data center or your cloud and sometimes from your data center, they will reach a SaaS platform through that. There are plenty of ways that can go wrong.

Basically every router on the way can be a source of latency or a source of loss. And on top of that, you might have a short route or a long route, and basically you have no control on that. And by default, you’ve got no visibility.

The second part is really about the experience or the overall end-to-end experience the user has when connects to a certain applications. And of course connectivity has an impact where it’s not the single driver for that. CASBs have an impact on that. The kind of application you connect to has an impact on that, where they redirect you — they’ve got a global presence and basically have nodes all over the place. How far or close you stand to those nodes also make a difference in the application response itself. Of course has its impact on the user experience.


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