Work From Home is the New Office

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Application Performance, Digital Experience, Videos

Learn about the latest work from home trends and how it impact IT operations and service desk teams.

Scott Sumner

Scott Sumner



Let’s learn a bit more about what’s happening in the world from work from home. A lot of us believe it’s more productive. And as workers, especially in the information technology sector, if you survey them overwhelmingly 8 out of 10 will say that working in a hybrid model or work from home is optimal for productivity.

The companies that are trying to retain talent though, have had to rethink their strategy. The ones that are more in tune with productivity of their employees have embraced a productivity anywhere model.

IT operations network operations really has to respond to this, make sure they gain control over this different perimeter of the employees and good news for all of us who actually like working from home and realize that it is productive is that it’s certainly not disappearing with the pandemic.

If you look at the chart on the right, it’s saying that for new jobs that are posted in the professional space there’s a dramatic increase of jobs that are offered full-time remote. This means that now up to a quarter of the positions that you can apply for are permanently remote.

The curve doesn’t follow the pandemic curve at all. It’s’ just increasing and accelerating. And because of this, IT becomes a very strategic business partner for the enterprises where IT holds the key to creating a competitive productivity advantage for their company as they move into this new world.


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