Optimize Android Mobile Workforce Performance

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Events

Optimize Android mobility performance by pinpointing Wi-Fi, internet and SD WAN latency, app and cloud performance issues across complex enterprise environments



Mobile workforce performance is essential, yet hard to optimize and troubleshoot in complex, time-sensitive retail, manufacturing, logistics, banking and healthcare environments where 70% of devices run Android.*

Slow or unresponsive apps affect customer service, order fulfilment, payment processing and real-time communications that impact customer loyalty, business efficiency and profitability.

While apps can be impacted by software bugs, device or cloud hosting problems, the majority of issues are caused by network issues. This webinar explains how to optimize Android mobile performance in complex mobility environments:

  • Detect Wi-Fi issues across devices, hotspots and locations
  • Diagnose Wi-Fi and cellular roaming issues
  • Identify latency in ISP, SD WAN and cloud networks
  • Pinpoint cloud hosting and security gateway issues
  • Accelerate MTTR across teams and service providers

Live demos of mobility issues impacting multinational enterprises will be used to explain how to monitor and optimize performance.

Add to your calendar and join us; deliver a new level of mobile productivity to your users.

Dates: Thursday, 13 April 2023 | [FR] 16h CET | [EN] 11:30 CDT
Location: LinkedIn Livestream Event

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