Digital Employee Experience Monitoring

Maximize digital employee experience and productivity from every region, location and application.

Digital experience and application performance monitoring for onsite and work from home employees

What's at Stake?

Your employees rely on SaaS and internal applications from your offices, branches and home-offices. They require an outstanding digital experience to maximize their productivity and conduct business operations efficiently.

At the same time, applications and digital workspaces have shifted completely in the last years:

  • 80% of the applications are SaaS-based for almost every enterprise by 2022 (source)
  • 71% of organizations implementing or considering allowing full-time remote work (source)

What are the Problems Solved by Kadiska?

Traditional performance monitoring struggle to address the new digital workspace:

  • Kadiska delivers 100% visibility on SaaS – SaaS performance is a gap both for NPM and APM solutions.
  • Kadiska brings 100% clarity on SD-WAN and Cloud infrastructure levels – SD-WAN and secured web gateways bring visibility challenges by multiplicating possible paths, dynamic behaviors and overlays and underlays.
  • Kadiska monitors user performance, whatever the application, wherever users are located – IT helpdesks struggle to deliver end user support to remote workers (WFH) complaining about application performance.

What Kadiska Offers

User Performance for All Apps

Kadiska’s analytics engine stores and manages the digital experience of all applications:

  • Internal applications (self hosted, cloud hosted) and Internet facing applications
  • 3rd party applications and SaaS (Software as a Service)

Digital Experience for All Users

  • On site users and remote branch users
  • WFH (Work from Home) users

Agentless endpoint monitoring

  • Non-intrusive browser level instrumentation
  • Low overhead analytics generation
  • Continuous tracking of your users inside your network and working from anywhere

Real User Transaction Tracking

  • 100% of your apps covered
  • 100% of your transactions captured

User performance fault isolation

  • Kadiska analyzes all user interactions with their applications and breaks down response times between all the infrastructure layers involved (end point operating system, browser, LAN/WiFi, DNS, internet path, CDN, cloud and API processing).

Pay per use licensing model

  • Deploy widely at a low entry cost
  • Pay only for users active on the apps you actually track

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