Transform Troubleshooting with Automated Network Analysis

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Network Performance, News, Videos

Learn all about Kadiska's machine learning engine that automatically diagnoses network issues

Thierry Notermans

Thierry Notermans

Chief Product Officer & Chief Information Security Officer

Kadiska has introduced an engine powered by machine learning, featuring its first function: an impressive tool that automates network issue diagnosis. Prior to this, Kadiska Tracer users were required to conduct their own analysis when the system flagged network issues.

To learn more, watch this short demo video:

Net-Tracer for network performance monitoring provides a comprehensive visual overview of your network. It detects and troubleshoots network issues that can adversely affect the digital experience. It consistently measures the key performance metrics of network performance such as latency, packet loss, and the number of hops in the path, recording the complete history.

Tracer is capable of pinpointing the specific areas in the network path where deterioration is impacting overall performance. It aids in understanding which path segment is experiencing packet loss or heightened latency due to congestion, allowing for informed decisions for remediation.

The machine learning engine now empowers users to automate this analysis. This engine employs sophisticated algorithms and data analytic methodologies to automatically detect and diagnose network problems, saving users precious time and helping to resolve issues faster.

Learn More About Net-Tracer:




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