Kadiska Product Updates • June 2023

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Kadiska's latest updates offer support for ChromeOS, a Windows Agent beta version, a machine learning engine, and improved Apdex scoring for network monitoring and performance evaluation.

Thierry Notermans

Thierry Notermans

Chief Product Officer & Chief Information Security Officer

The Kadiska platform has been updated with new features that offer increased visibility into application performance, expanded deployment options, and faster troubleshooting capabilities. These updates are designed to enhance your user experience and improve overall platform functionality.

New Feature Summary

  1. Official Support for ChromeOS: Kadiska Tracer technology is now officially supported on ChromeOS, providing unique support for both Watcher and Tracer technologies in the market.
  2. Beta Version of Windows Agent: The beta version of the Windows Agent is launched, allowing users to leverage the Tracer technology directly on their PCs. It assists in troubleshooting local network connectivity and ISP issues.
  3. Automated Diagnostics: Kadiska has developed a machine learning engine that automates the diagnosis of network-related issues, relieving users from manual analysis tasks.
  4. Improved Apdex Scoring: The Apdex performance target has been adjusted to be less restrictive, ensuring applications are accurately evaluated for performance without penalizing them unnecessarily.

Detailed Overview

Official Support for ChromeOS

Kadiska Tracer technology now offers official support for ChromeOS. This means that users can seamlessly deploy and utilize the Tracer technology on devices running ChromeOS. This support is unique in the market and extends to both Watcher and Tracer technologies. Users can refer to the online documentation for deployment instructions, and an example of deployment through the Google Unified Endpoint is also available here. This support opens up new possibilities for network monitoring and issue detection on ChromeOS devices.

Beta Version of Windows Agent

The beta version of the Windows Agent has been launched, bringing the power of Kadiska Tracer technology directly to users’ PCs. This agent enables users to leverage Tracer technology to troubleshoot and analyze local network connectivity issues. It is particularly beneficial in work-from-home scenarios, where users can better understand and resolve issues related to Wi-Fi versus Ethernet connections and local ISP problems. Users interested in testing this innovative solution can simply contact the Kadiska team for access to the beta version.

Machine Learning Auto-Diagnostics Engine

Kadiska has launched a machine learning engine with our first feature: a powerful capability that automates the diagnosis of network-related issues. Previously, users had to perform manual analysis when network problems were detected by Kadiska Tracers. With the machine learning engine, users can now rely on Kadiska to perform the analysis for them. This engine utilizes advanced algorithms and data analysis techniques to automatically identify and diagnose network issues, saving users time and effort. Users can refer to this demo video to get an overview of the capabilities of this new product feature. Access our online documentation section for more information.

Kadiska Machine Learning Automated Network Performance Diagnostics in Action


Improved Apdex Scoring Performance Target

Based on valuable customer feedback, Kadiska has made improvements to the Apdex scoring performance target. The Apdex score is a metric used to evaluate application performance, and the previous calculation was sometimes considered too strict. This meant that applications could be labeled as underperforming even if users did not perceive any performance degradation. To address this, Kadiska has adjusted the calculation method to provide a more accurate assessment of application performance. The new calculation will be automatically applied to all existing monitored applications, resulting in adjusted scores. Users may notice an increase in their application scores based on this new algorithm, which provides a more realistic evaluation of performance.

Kadiska Advances DEM

Kadiska’s latest updates provide robust support for ChromeOS, introduce a powerful Windows Agent, automate analysis through a machine learning engine, and refine the Apdex scoring performance target. These advancements offer enhanced network monitoring capabilities, streamlined troubleshooting, automated analysis, and fair performance evaluation. With these features, Kadiska continues to solidify its position as a leader in network monitoring and analysis, delivering valuable solutions to its users.

If you’re new to Kadiska, you can give it a try with a free trial:

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