Gain 360° Visibility Into Modern App Performance to Deliver an Amazing User Experience

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Application Performance, Digital Experience, Webinars

The modern worker expects a flawless digital experience while working from the office, home, anywhere — nearly a third of employees have changed jobs due to poorly performing workplace systems and technology.

Boris Rogier

Boris Rogier


While employee retention becomes a key corporate objective, IT operations are increasingly blind to the performance of modern applications: 42% of users report performance issues with SaaS solutions, but 39% escape detection by existing monitoring tools.*

What’s changed? Modern, cloud-powered applications redefine app delivery by accelerating the adoption of cloud-powered security, access and networking with SASE, SWG, CASB and SD WAN that both enable and impact a distributed workforce.

This session will explore how essential cloud technologies are creating this new visibility gap by illustrating it with live examples from global-scale enterprise networks in manufacturing, retail and eCommerce verticals.

Learn how visibility can be reestablished across this new digital infrastructure by combining agentless real user monitoring with AI-enabled synthetic testing. See how correlating the dynamic traffic path with user-centric performance metrics reveals the digital employee experience, and empowers IT operations to optimise it.

The live demonstrations in this session will be based on real-time data collected from over 100 global locations and over a billion daily user transactions.

[* Statistics from NTT Global Services report 2021, ESG insights, EMA, Digital Enterprise Journal and Workfront 2021]


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