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by | Jun 13, 2022 | Application Performance, Digital Experience, Webinars

Give Remote Workers a Productive Digital Experience

Boris Rogier

Boris Rogier


The modern worker expects a flawless digital experience while working remotely at home, a co-working space or on the road, just like they do in the office. When employees aren’t productive, neither is the business.

Now that remote work is the new normal, managing the connected employee experience is also critical for attracting and retaining talent. Last year a third of employees changed jobs because of poorly performing workplace systems and technology.*

This important shift to teleworking coincides with mass adoption of SaaS and cloud-hosted applications, SD WAN and CASB-secured connectivity over public networks. Traditional performance monitoring tools are incompatible with this new digital ecosystem, putting the digital experience at risk.

This webinar explains how enterprises can regain visibility over this complex, distributed infrastructure to maximise business performance—powered by an agile, hybrid / remote workforce.

Using live examples from leading enterprises, you will learn how to:

  • Monitor employee performance accessing SaaS, internal and cloud-hosted applications (SAP, SalesForce, Zoom, Google Suite, etc.)
  • Detect performance degradations of remote vs. onsite users across all regions and applications
  • Understand the performance impact of BYOD, Chromebooks and other devices
  • Quickly pinpoint the origin of issues by using a combination of real user and network path monitoring
  • Optimise SASE/CASB, VPNs and SD WAN performance for remote employees

The live demonstrations in this session will be based on real-time data collected from over 100 global locations and over a billion daily user transactions.

[* Source: Digital Enterprise Journal and Workfront 2021]


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