Cisco Live! Europe 2023

by | Jan 5, 2023 | Events

Kadiska is joining our partner Profitap to demonstrate how our complementary solutions provide complete Edge to Cloud coverage for distributed organizations.



February 6-10, 2023 • Amsterdam

See how Kadiska’s self-driving monitoring platform delivers 100% visibility into the digital experience of modern SaaS and cloud applications in the way users experience them. Integrated insight across devices, connectivity, cloud infrastructure, and applications simplifies performance troubleshooting and optimization so enterprises can deliver an amazing digital experience to their employees and customers.

Complete edge network and application visibility can be attained by combining Profitap and Kadiska.

  • Profitap’s IOTA solution takes care of the initial traffic capture and analysis at key capture points.
  • Kadiska’s network tracing and digital experience monitoring extend this visibility from the user to the application.

Visit us for a live demo, and to setup a free trial of the Kadiska digital experience platform.

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