Hybrid Connectivity and SD WAN: Optimize Hybrid Network Connectivity to SaaS and the Cloud

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Network Performance, Webinars



Modern applications and IT systems rely on a mix of on-premise and cloud platforms, SaaS and web applications. Their performance is dependent on the quality of the connectivity between them and their users. As traffic routes through hybrid networks, SD WAN, VPNs and CASBs, performance can suffer by region, user and application. Network setup, transfer speed and latency often define the digital user experience.

Over two-thirds of enterprises now use SD WAN and hybrid connectivity with the internet as the primary underlay, resulting in highly dynamic routing across multiple providers and systems.*

Traditional performance monitoring solutions struggle to monitor network performance across hybrid and public networks. Encrypted traffic and highly distributed hosts and users make traffic capture and analysis impractical—if not impossible.

  • In this webinar you will learn how to regain visibility across complex networks so you can optimize their performance:
  • Dynamic full-path visibility across public, cloud and hybrid networks
  • Insight into SD WAN underlay and overlay network performance
  • End-to-end and per-hop latency and loss metrics
  • Current and historic path performance by region or site
  • BGP / AS route monitoring
  • The impact of DNS, TLS and SASE/CASB on latency

Network tracing and performance monitoring techniques are demonstrated with data collected from over 100 major ISPs and telecom service providers, accessed by work from home and onsite users connecting to SaaS and cloud-hosted applications.

[* Source: NTT Global Services report 2021]

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