Hybrid and cloud Connectivity Monitoring

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Solution Briefs

Kadiska monitors the connectivity of multi-cloud and hybrid infrastructure to reveal underlying issues in the complex networks that carry your business.



Hybrid and cloud Connectivity Monitoring

The Visibility Gap

Modern applications and IT systems rely on a mix of on-premise and cloud platforms. Their performance is dependent on the connection quality between them and their users.

As traffic routes through cloud networks, SD WAN, VPNs, SASE/CASBs and SWGs, performance can suffer by region, user and application. Network setup (DNS, TLS, redirects), transfer speed and latency often define the user experience.

Traditional performance monitoring solutions struggle to address SD-WAN and Cloud connectivity.

The Essentials

  • Dynamic full-path visibility across public and complex networks.
  • Insight into SD WAN underlay and overlay network performance.
  • End-to-end and per-hop latency and loss metrics.
  • Current and historic path performance by region or site.
  • BGP / AS route monitoring.

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